a  novel                             Look for my new novel in 2016
           Joanne Bodin                          Shadow Dreamer: a dark psychological mystery/thriller


      2011 International Book Award WINNER   (Fiction: gay/lesbian category)
      2011 International Book Award FINALIST (Best New Fiction category) 
     New Mexico Book Awards Winner

        Walking Fish is listed on USA BOOK NEWS   www.usabooknews.com/ficgay.html

                TITLE: Walking Fish: A Novel by Joanne Bodin
                CATEGORY ENTERED: Fiction: Gay & Lesbian Fiction
                LISTING PAGE: http://www.usabooknews.com/ficgay.html

      Finalist for the 2010 Literary Awards Program 
Santa Fe Writer's Project
      Nominated for the 17th Annual 2010 EVVY Award: 

      Colorado Independent Publishers Association

Listed in the publisher's  top 10 best selling books for October 2010
      Publisher's top 10 fiction books for Thanksgiving weekend 2010

    Visit www.outskirtspress.com/walkingfishnovel 
     for more information and to hear an audio excerpt
     by the author.



      Praise for Walking Fish  

     I savored the complex and surprising inter-relationships
     of these families,
each unusual (but believable),
     as the characters, risking the dangers of change
     and the necessity of testing experiences, move
     out ot their native elements to find ultimately
     satisfying resolutions where doors are open into the
     new and unfamiliar.  
     -Phyllis Hoge Thompson, poet and author of 
he Painted Clock: Memoirs  of a New Mexico Ghost Town Bride.

     Joanne Bodin's tale of a woman reinventing
     herself and taking charge of her life, is a balm for the soul.

     Sean Murphy,  author of
The Hope Valley Hubcap King
     and The Time of New Weather.

     A Quirk of Fate, A Journey Begins


      Talia, an eccentric artist, lives in the quaint town
      of Corrales, New Mexico with her partner Renie.
      For the past twenty years on December 15th, Talia has
      lit a candle to mark the day she had to leave California
      to start a new life, leaving behind her five year old
      daughter, Sophie. But, through
a quirk of fate,
      Talia is catapulted into an unfolding
saga that compels
      her to revisit her unconventional past, revealing truths
      that change the lives of everyone involved.

      This provocative, emotionally charged novel delves
      into the inner worlds of people grappling with
      painful paradoxes of life, and like the walking fish,
      they must find ways to adapt in order to survive.                                                 


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